Heart-Mind Life

Heart-Mind Life is a Massachusetts organization, started in 2023, with the vision to support the greater resilience and wellbeing of foster parents and caregivers.  

As an AOK partner, Heart-Mind Life offers pro bono services to AOK foster parents for as long as needed – never a fee.  The free services include individual wellbeing and self-care consults and coaching from a Duke Health & Wellbeing trained coach. The coaching takes a whole person health focus covering 6 areas – nutrition & lifestyle, sleep and rest, emotional & mental wellbeing, physical fitness, fulfillment & purpose, and physical environment.

  • Initial Pro Bono Self-Care Consult (30 Min) to create a personalized self-care/ wellbeing plan.  Consult includes – discussion of wellbeing and health vision, current state of wellbeing across 6 areas, selection of a chosen area of focus, setting goals and outlining achievable next steps.   Subsequent follow-up meetings are encouraged but not required. https://calendly.com/ronhildesf/initial-self-care-consult
  • Ongoing Pro Bono Wellbeing & Self-Care Coaching (30-45 Min)  weekly or bi-weekly, meet with your health coach to review learnings, discuss challenges and adjust goals and action steps as required.  A major part of the process to greater resilience and wellbeing is learning ourselves – what is easy or hard, what we like or do not like, what support we need or do not need.  Ongoing coaching supports a coachee’s success through the ups and downs of this process.

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