Education Specialist

Dr. Gwen Bass is a teacher, advocate, parent mentor, and collaborative consultant. With a decade of experience each in K-12 classroom teaching and teacher education, plus years of research and program development, Gwen supports kids and adults whose needs and voices aren’t honored by conventional systems. She and her team provide consultation and training to help nonprofits, educators, government agencies, and caregivers foster positive outcomes for young people — especially those with disabilities and learning differences, LGBTQ+ youth and families, and youth in foster care and unique family situations. Gwen is also a foster and adoptive parent in a queer blended family. 

Here are some things Gwen can help with!

-Collaborating to support kids between the home and the classroom

-Understanding school reports/evaluations and preparing for school meetings

-Making sense of school reports and preparing for school meetings

-Promoting healthy social, emotional, behavioral, and academic development

-Exploring trauma-informed/healing-focused strategies to support your child at school

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