Support Our Mission


Your support of AOK foster families in turn supports vulnerable children.

Foster families that thrive are the key to helping children, youth, and young adults in foster care heal from trauma and realize their dreams.

We rely on your contributions. Thank you for being part of the “Our” in All Our Kids!

Join Our Family Circle

By signing up now for an automatic monthly donation of $25 and becoming part of our Family Circle, you’ll become an ongoing source of essential support for our participating foster families—and a significant supporter of vulnerable children.

For the cost of a latte and a cookie a week, you can fully support an AOK family for an entire year.

A monthly donation of just $25 provides:

  • a welcome session
  • community events
  • a copy of the AOK It Takes a Village guidebook
  • a copy of the AOK coloring book for kids
  • two practical workshops for foster parents
  • quarterly AOK foster family social events
  • the AOK blog
  • the AOK podcast
  • and ongoing individualized help for each family

Your one-time contribution makes a real difference

Young multiracial families having fun playing with kids at pic nic barbecue party - Multicultural joy and love concept with mixed race people together with children at park - Warm contrasted filter

$100 helps an individual foster family get their bearings

  • participation in our welcome-session program
  • a copy of the comprehensive AOK It Takes A Village guidebook
  • and a copy of our ABC coloring book for kids

$50 provides copies of our joyful and emotionally affirming coloring book to five children in foster care.

All Our Kids, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) recognized, nonprofit organization. 100% of your donation supports our organizational activities. And donations to AOK are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the IRS.