Friends of Children

FOCUS, A Program of Friends of Children
Friends of Children, Inc. is a 501c(3), founded in 1990 as a child advocacy organization. Friends of Children is fully dedicated to improving the lives of children and young adults impacted by their foster care or juvenile justice involvement. FOCUS is a program of Friends of Children that connects young adults (ages 18-26) to a volunteer community mentor who makes a 3-year commitment to them to guide and support them in their transition to adulthood, and help them achieve independence and well-being. FOCUS services include life skills workshops and in partnership with Just on Time for Foster Youth, a financial fitness service to help former foster youth gain the confidence and know-how to practice smart money management, and to become knowledgeable about budgeting, smart saving habits, and investment strategies. In the video above you will hear directly from a FOCUS member about their experience with the program. For more information please visit

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    Contact Information

    Debi Belkin

    Director of Programs