Announcement: Adoption Subsidies

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July 7, 2020

Have you received a notice of suspension from the DCF Adoption Subsidy Unit, despite having turned in all necessary renewal paperwork? During these pandemic times, many of us have. AOK looked into this issue and was able to get the following information from Nakeisha Conward, the Director of the Subsidy Unit. Here is what she said:

“These letters pertain to the annual renewals. The forms were automatically extended back in March, April and May however it was for only 3 months. Some families are now receiving new 90 day notices (these are automatic generated letters just like foster care review notices), even though they have already been updated for the full year.  These letters have generated a huge number of calls however most people are up to date and they can disregard these notices.

If people are unsure if they submitted the appropriate paperwork, please refer them to call the number in the letter (the phone line sometimes fills up with messages) or folks can email the subsidy unit at:

Spread the word! We hope this helps!

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