Six years later: Reflecting on our “gotcha” moment

Mind blowing. Honestly, it’s mind blowing.

Just hours after Marianna and I recorded the latest episode of the AOK podcast, during which I made reference to my family’s finalization day–a moment I referred to as “three years ago”–a happenstance Facebook memory served me up the reality.

It was actually six years ago.

Six. Freaking. Years.

What’s so incredible about the timeline is not the way that I’ve gained wrinkles and lost my hairline in those years. What’s remarkable about it is how easy it is to forget about the slow crawl of time during those three long years while we waited for our court dates to play out.

And so, here’s to all of our forever families; here’s all of our birth families; here’s to all of our villages that give us the support we need to raise these kids in the most selfless and complete way possible.

We need every ounce of kindness. Every ounce of energy.

Together, we’ve got this.

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