AOK Guest Post: Last Chance Words

“When he first came to us, you wrote a letter asking us to take care of him. We loved him and did our best to care for him. I hope you’ll agree…..”

I wrote these words in a note to send to our foster son’s mother just hours before he would leave us forever. Or so we thought. My words, a last chance that could determine if we would ever see our baby again. We had only met his mother twice, once on purpose and once by chance. What could I say to this woman that would convey how much I love her son without posing a threat? How do I offer help without being overbearing? Had my words ever held the weight of anything so important? I don’t remember my entire letter. I wish I had saved a copy. But my son left and my words went with him. My husband and I cried so hard we collapsed on the couch and fell asleep. I woke to a text message on my phone from an unfamiliar number. These words I have saved, but could never forget:

“…I just want to thank you for everything you did for him, he was definitely well taken care of.
Sometimes when a kid is in foster care you never know how your kid is being treated but in this case I had no worries.
Yes, I missed him every day but knowing he was in a great home made me feel at ease and for that I am forever grateful to you guys…”

That was nine months ago and we are now honored to be his Godparents. Recently, we celebrated his 2nd birthday with his family. This little boy is so, so loved. Not every story about foster care ends like this, but I want people to know that sometimes, they do.

-Sometimes Mom

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