Behavioral Health

Behavioral and mental health supports are uniquely important for our children and families, who have experienced trauma, stress, and loss. Additionally, biological predispositions can also make our children more vulnerable to behavioral health concerns. We have a number of resources in our area to help support you and your children. Browse the list below, and let us know if you have others you want us to include.

Hub Partners

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A unique component of the Resource & Support Hub is the partnership between us and A Home Within’s through our Short-Term Behavioral Health Consultation Program. We want to make it as streamlined as possible for you to access the information you need to best support your children. This consultation program provides up to three sessions with a licensed and knowledgable clinician (with expertise in trauma/adoption/foster care) to help you navigate a variety of challenges with respect to your family’s mental and behavioral health needs. Issues that can be addressed include:

  • psychoeducation on trauma, attachment, or other diagnoses
  • gaining a fuller understanding a child’s needs
  • behavior management ideas and support
  • information about different types of available psychotherapies
  • addressing educational concerns
  • helping youth with visits
  • handling placement changes, including reunification
  • ...and more.

You can self-refer to this program by filling out this referral form.

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