Various programs in Massachusetts provide funding for enrichment and other support opportunities for children in foster care. Read about our Hub Partners below, and hop onto to a drop-in information session with any questions. Note: WillPower Foundation exists to support any person with special needs, not only children in care.

Hub Partners

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Related Resources:

  • Wonderfund provides enrichment opportunities to children in MA foster care. Talk to your Family Resource Worker about accessing these funds. The Wonderfund Access Card will also give you deeply discounted admission to various venues in Massachusetts.
  • The Gifted Crate will provide your foster child with a birthday kit including cake mix, frosting, plates and gifts related to their interests.
  • HEROES Youth Leadership Program for young people impacted by foster care and adoption
  • Sibling Connections provides opportunities for siblings separated by foster care in Massachusetts to connect and spend time together. Sibling Connections also has a summer camp!
  • Camp to Belong reunites siblings who have become separated by the foster care system through a week of camp in the summer and other events throughout the year.
  • Translate Gender supports trans, gender-expansive, and/or gender nonconforming individuals in a variety of ways, and helps the public understand and support the trans, gender-expansive, and gender nonconforming community.