Support for Adoptive Parents


Adoption is far more than a logistical and legal process—it’s an extraordinarily emotional one as well. We understand the journey at AOK, and we’re here to provide support through our community-building offerings, as well as through our comprehensive resources for adoptive parents.

Our programming will help you through your adoption journey and beyond

AOK Connect

Our private Facebook group, draws you instantly into our circle of practical support where you’re able to reach out 24/7.

Social & Community Events

Learn about our fun opportunities to connect with other foster families and to raise awareness of our work.

Fostering Guidebook

It Takes A Village, AOK’s commonsense guidebook to foster care in Massachusetts, is a resource you’ll use again and again.

The AOK Coloring Book

The AOK Coloring Book, created by cartoonist, writer, and researcher Sally Campbell Galman, is a lighthearted treat to enjoy with your foster child.

The AOK Podcast

Tune in to the AOK Podcast, in which AOK Founders Marianna Litovich and Kyle Belanger bring a lively and unique take to foster-care matters.

The AOK Blog

The AOK Blog brings you fresh insights on topics related to foster care and adoption.

AOK links you to resources specifically for adoptive parents, too